Postcard Poem about Spain – España

by Joe Fraser

Suddenly, the blazing sun rises
to greet the Spanish dawn with
blinding light.
Terracotta rooftops burn like flames
in the claustrophobic countryside, and
villa walls pulse with heat like radiators.
Far off, a hot hound howls,
inspired by the midday heat.
A squadron of feathered menace
revolves up high in planetary-like motion.
Wooden sentinels snake their way
into the cerulean sky and watch over
the scorched landscape.
Fruit trees and cheerful birds celebrate
the glorious ay in vibrant colours. An
orchestra of invisible cicadas hum lazily.
Evening cools the humid air.
Now the dark giants
murmur silently, in the
hushed voice of evening’s breath.


Postcard showing Grassington, where Joe lives

Jo-Fraser-Postcard-Front-550 Jo-Fraser-Postcard-Back-550