Postcard Poem about London – The Big Smoke

by Gracie May Bawden

The big smoke has always been around
Its fingers the veins running through our wrists
Bluer and firmer as we pranced
across the stage like Gods
Its voice this summer was
sweeter than honey
And we could resist no longer
A train
four hours and we had escaped
this place’s grey-green discolouration
The sun held London as though
it were his child
His heart warmed our cheeks and twinkled in the river
But stars shone in the sequins
of the queens at the Place Theatre
Perched ready to laugh or cry or dance
Nestled like chicks in the velvet seats
we were home


Postcard showing the interior of a period house

Gracie-May-Bawden-Postcard-Front-550 Gracie-May-Bawden-Postcard-Back-550