by Meg Burrows

Glass & Water

Ripple in clear instruction, with no listening ears, only listening mouths,

mouths that would give much to get action of this light –

Light that stands through, this way that way up way sideways under ways – blinding diamonds perfect for hollow bending spheres of white on liquid high delight.

Delight is what we thirst for and for many of us, savour little; we have it easy from the tap.

Taps, remember, don’t turn for some.


The foghorns that can get away with anything, say anything and still avoid embarassment at parties.
Always the popular one.
Mum used to love them, especially when they were bodyguards to Simply Red but I guess some things change over time.

Post it note

Pink scribbles alert warning signs in my stomach,
my eyes don’t want to be reminded of the urgent thing you had to remember to to tell me to remember.

Instead, draw me a dinosaur pooing and I’ll make sure I pick up everyone’s easter eggs.