Poem for a meme

by Chanchal Kumar

have u seen that meme where the picture depicts
a myosin protein dragging an endorphin
to the inner part of the cortex
which leads to the feeling of happiness
in the human brain?

just like sisyphus pushing his rock up the mountain.
and i think, how apt,

happiness is indeed a pursuit,
something to be chased till eternity
while grief comes to us in torrents, or secretly,
like a landlord poking his head in to see what our plans are

and then reluctantly,
we make a kind of home even out of hurt.

we say out of gritted teeth, to answer Jean Genet’s question,
yes, i am ready to see things as they are,
yes, i agree to gaze at the world tranquilly, and accept
responsibility for my gaze,
whatever it might see.