Passing the Time

by Caroline Bird

Thirty paperclip statues in every table in the house
and things are slightly boring without you.
I’ve knitted a multi-coloured jacket for every woodlouse
in the park. But what can you do?

I’ve given all the cracks in the pavement pet names
and taken snapshots of individual specs of dust,
I’m not a trainspotter and deny all those claims
but have developed an interest in rust.

The budgies in the petshop now speak fluent French
and I have made friends with a golf commentator.
I was restless one evening so I dug a fifty foot trench
then filled it in ten seconds later.

I drank fifty cups of tea in one afternoon
and filled the kettle by collecting drops of dew.
Gardeners’ Question Time is on really soon
and things are slightly boring without you.