Paradisiac Snow

by Jonathan Huish

after ‘Tyranny of the Spectrum’ by Elizabeth Garrett

For scissor-shattered
rainbows take ONE
capsule in laughter
THREE times a day
for THREE days.
It is a grey occasion

to drink the rainbow.
Ignore side effects
and the seven certainties.
Carefully read all of this
bland, transparent leaflet
before you start.

Take this whiteness.
The window’s medicine
does not doubt that
the snow contains
important information.
So keep this booklet,

or more immutable,
mild to moderate pain
can be expected.
Weathers of the week:
headache, migraine,
seven bright neuralgias,

toothache, less refutable
sore throat, period pain.
What could be simpler
than disease, fever, aches?
The boy Calendar,
pregnant and breast-

feeding, allows the heart
what it needs to know.
But coloured pencils
cause kidney problems,
compound eyes reflect
liver failure:

it is the spirit’s
chronic alcoholism.
The mind of the reader
with mild arthritis
is painted by numbers.
If symptoms continue

just out of the picture,
or have become constant
pain in the head,
take all roads to
talk to your doctor,

Honesty beckons
if you take too much.
Memory either misses
all this medicine
or the colourful day.
Even if you feel well,
what we do risks

the tyranny of the spectrum:
do not take a double dose.