Outfoxing the seasons

by Rachel Martin

A flash of a fox I saw one winter’s day,
Its eyes still yellow its fur still grey,
Before the summer snatches back its hold
Before the grey turns red bathed in sunlight gold,

A flash of a fox I saw one spring morn,
Its face lit up in the rise of dawn,
Beginning to get back its soft red fleece,
Finally its grey coat was beginning to cease,

A flash of a fox I saw one summer afternoon,
With a rich coat, a shade of maroon,
Far from happy, in his eyes a sharp warning,
Look out for the time of cold is dawning,

A flash of a fox I saw one autumn’s eve,
His face bowed down as if to grieve,
For the heat that the sun once cast,
For heat he lost and the cold to last,

A dead fox I saw one winter’s night,
His head held high his eyes still bright,
As if to say to winter “Is that all you’ve got?”
And I left his body there to decay and rot.