On Top of the Hill

by Adnan Chowdhury

On this hill I am on top of the world
Seeing, hearing and smelling everything.
The flat top of my house only a metre away
I had jumped from the roof to this hill once
Out of madness and stupidity.
Down below I see my uncle chopping wood
Beads of sweat running down his forehead
My grandmother preparing a fresh chicken for dinner.
Here I found solitude
Here I would think about Isaac Newton
The apple falling on his head
Making the discovery of gravity
I would listen intently:
Bees collecting nectar from blossoming flowers
The crickets make their unique sound.
An ant would climb my neck
Sending sensations to the tips of my body.
The nearby forest would be awake
Watching me and protecting me.
Looking back makes me more hesitant
To leave my soul behind
I feel my heart ripping from my chest
Jumping to the place I would lie.
Walking past the tree I carved my name in
Nearly faded
Telling me it was time to let go.