Ode to a Soup Dragon

by Beatrix Livesey-Stephens

What is the soup dragon thinking?
This poem will show you the truth.
His silver-spoon eyes stare unblinking,
In a dream of regaining his youth.
His scales are like glistening croutons in glittering oceans of silky green broth;
On the surface are sizzling droplets that bubble and sputter, to flame into froth.
When he breathes, steam bursts out from the cracks in his hide,
Steam that cooks fluffy dumplings which shouldn’t be fried,
Every step Dragon takes gives a satisfying squelch,
From his mouth comes the sound of a dinnertime belch,
Gloopy sheets of lasagne make the strange creature’s wings,
No ingredient restrictions #soupdragonthings
In those silver-spoon eyes is a mirror so clear,
Children see their own souls and they learn how to fear.
Would you dare to come close and look deep in his maw?
If you peer right inside, you see no toothy jaw.
Are you listening now, for a deep-rooted reason?
All his muscles are meatballs, but he is a vegan!
He’s lived through the ages, his teeth have worn down,
Now atop the dragon’s head is a soup-making crown.
The soup dragon is thinking: I have to live on!
Scaring kids would be hard if I were gone.
Yes, I made some bad choices, and lost all my teeth
But I’m staying young with soup, that’s a noteworthy feat!
I decided to detox, my new way of life,
Chewing solids is dull, and I can’t hold a knife.
With my silver-spoon eyes I leave children bereft –
They can see, when they’re old, soup is all they have left.