no sister no

by Julia Webb

sister she ring me when i say
i tell her Mama is used up gone
and she say oh crap oh deary my word
but she also say she not come
and i use up the train to travel tracks
and track over the airwaves mobile
and she still insistent not come
and all the friends of mum blame
and isn’t it no happy time already
blame blame suck them tears back in
and sister no want and no one want
but someone have to   bad bad business
friends flicker flicker in the hospital rest  
and i undertake to the outside woods
with the carry on heavy and the ice feet
and the sing earth hole rain shiver  
friends them no sister no in the wooden
hall  guitar nephew and the music music
eat eat art and the full food trestles
then blam blam back in the van filled
for the motorway long excavate home
and the real wide end of something
and still at the end no sister no