No Return Policy

by Jamie Uy

Welcome to Paradise Limited & Co
Est. dawn of time/discovery of Arctic
Our Great White Sale best bargains:
$3 for a pair of black-as-coal mining hearts
(perfect for energy company galas)
$5 for penguin & choking plastic bottles statue
on bloated seal skin by
$7 for dicey packs of Gamble the Future cards
(aces exempt)
$9 for 5 gallons whitewash of conscience,
dirty hands, and oil spills
$11 for Channel no. 2050
(greasy cellophane/grocery bag scent)
$13 for fossil fuel magnets to tack on
refrigerators back home
$15 for three death metal/hard rock
mixtapes by Pollution Apocalypse
$17 for freeze-dried ‘not my fault’
excuses, water-resistant.
Thank you for shopping at Paradise.