No More Tests

by Jenna Hunt

January they told us it was just a few tests,
Probably nothing to worry about, they said.
February they were concerned,
Something wasn’t right, they said.
We don’t know yet,
Just a few more tests.
March we feared the worse,
As we heard the news from the nurse.
We’ll try our best to help, they said.
April we had hope, treatments went well.
It might be successful, they said.
Only time will tell.
May we sat in tears, it was terminal, they said.
There’s nothing we can do,
We’re sorry, they said.
June we spent together,
Our mood was sad and gloomy,
Like the dark cloud that had encapsulated
Our family.
Not long now, they said.
July we said goodbye,
They’re gone, they said.
We wept.
No more tests.