My Crown, My Soul

by Crystal Grimshaw

As I place my elegant crown
On my radiant head
A tingle of power
Shivers down my spine.

Icy pearls and diamonds
Cling to my silken skin.
Golden netted ribbons
Curl around my back.

The strong odour of roses
Sends a shock to my senses
Like tumbling tear drops.
Diamonds sway silently catching the light.

Feathers salute the sky
Powerfully pointing upwards
Towards the humbled stars.
Cold and bitter they might be.

My soul is shining inside.

Yet cursed with a wretched spell am I
Enchanted with love
Confused and uncertain.
My mind forces me onwards.

A dizziness like drugs
Drives me forwards
But my passion for this hysterical ass is none.
My heart is weak and my spirit gone.

My soul is crumbling inside.

This beautiful crown
It’s a part of me – protecting me
And deep in the heart of this forest
I know I am safe.