Miss Medusa

by Molly Scales

Contains adult themes

Medusa died this year.
Didn’t you hear?
You can’t turn men to stone
If they never look at you.
Come on,
She said,
My eyes are up here!

Medusa cut her hair short,
Squeezed into yoga pants
And filed her fangs
The Thursday night
Before it happened
Because she’d read an article
In Cosmopolitan
About how she
Might Be Inadvertently Appearing Unlikeable To Men.

Medusa spilled
Some of last night’s Merlot on
The still-spasming creatures in the sink
But didn’t cry over their
Familiar forms
Because she’d been told
She should
Smile more.

Medusa died
Long before she became
One Golden Boy’s trophy slice –
But still,
Isn’t it neat?
Another woman,
Good for only one thing:
Giving head.