by Fashokun Adeoti

I have seen so many things
So many people have roamed through my walls
So many changes humans and time have wrought on me
But my soul remains the same.

Tudor – my fireplace has warmed the hearts of many
And my oak clock chimes to remind me
What I already know – I am aging
It scares me, It grieves me.

Alas, I have begun to forget
Oh these are my worst days, I am forgetting their faces
But the memories of their voices keep me alive
The fine china, and the furniture comfort me.

Here I hosted the first actor to be knighted
Imposing man he was, I can’t remember his face but his frame held us spellbound
My lady, oh my lady Catherine what a delight she was!
And my dear master Francis how he loved me!
Oh my anguish! Their faces are a blur
But I can remember their laughter
Their voices floating down the halls.

There is no greater illusion than time
They say there is no time like the present
But the power of the past is like a drug aided by memory.

I am scared of many things
But the thing I dread most
The thing that wakes me up, cracks my walls, splits my floor
Is the terror, the night chilling terror
Of forgetting who I was.
People say forget the past
But if you have no memory of the past
How do you learn from the present?
Most importantly, how do you deal with the future?

I preserve my memories
Because even when time fails me
And age ails me
My memory will kiss me and hold my hand
No matter how lithe it is.