may meets the jabberwocky

by Anna Leader

maggie and milly and molly and me
were stretching ourselves in the sun, by the sea,

when the waves parted, & what came out
were five deadly-sharp claws and a snoffelling snout.

“i’ve read about him! it’s the jabberwocky!”
milly whispered to molly & molly whispered to me.

down by the water may was picking up stones
she was going to have to face the monster alone –

we looked at each other and shivered with fear
and shouted to may but she was too far to hear.

just as the jabberwocky reached the shore
and it seemed that he would devour us four,

may pulled back her arm and opened her hand
the jabberwocky wobbled and keeled onto the sand.

we ran down to may; we hugged and we kissed her
“you’re the most wonderful, brave little sister!”

“your stones came in useful! callooh! callay!
may, you’re a hero for saving the day!”

“but wait,” frowned maggie, “do you think – could it be –
if it’s true it’s ourselves that we find in the sea…”

“we’ll be good from now on,” promised molly, wide-eyed.
“it’s awful to think that he came from inside.”

“he wasn’t real, though,” may said, shrugging a shoulder.
“how do you know?” “i would have needed a boulder.”