Make Abstinence Great Again

by Alara Egi

Seventeen magazine – tell me;
is he flirty or friendly?
you must not condemn me;
male decency is so alien.

is it the chick-flicks?
we’ve been pumped since kindergarten;
if he pulls my hair – interested
(rape culture is coded within our moms’ advice).
is it the fan fiction consumption?
or about the way we look like the “before” versions,
about the girls who’re good at math,
(and clever about boys [chastity]
                                                    [let’s bring that sacred temple down])

must one never gratify fornicating?
did my grand-(times-infinite)-mother reach 1000 °C in Salem?  

daddy – how are babies made?
with a little help from the marriage bond, Ruth Anna
[I’d date you, if you weren’t my daughter]

if witches fly with broomsticks,
do they swim with dustpans?