Mail Lady

by Maia Sauer

mail lady.
blue uniform brings packages
and leaves directly,
ponytail and boxy shirt wave
back and forth, trying to catch up
with her–already stepping
into the truck with her very
practical shoes. not starting up
the engine until she makes eye contact
with me. how many eyes does she see
in a single day?
it must be a big number of eyeballs,
and she seems like quite an organized
person, so i bet she makes
a mental note of eyes seen daily,
the number always a multiple of two,
of course. (unless she drops off a package
or two at a blind man’s house
or a person with a patch over one
of their eyes. in that case,
i don’t know how she would count
her eyeballs-per-day.)

blue uniform disappears.
i’ll wave at the mail lady
tomorrow. maybe she counts
those, too.