M Trouvé (1)

by Neil Lockwood

recaf ‘Leading the way in pay to play'(2)

‘Move…’(3) Addendum (by finger in the dirt) ‘Bristol’(4)

Nice thought whether heartfelt or wistful.

‘Police follow this van.  Hatch is time delayed.’(5)

‘No tools left overnight’(6) de rigueur white vans display.

‘Dairy Farmers of Britain’(7) …unite – playful.(8)

‘There for you – Spar.’(9) ‘People who care – Tufnell’(10)

Messages found on the motorway


All human life is there, ‘Exhibiting Success’(11)

‘Animals’(12) too.  Horse power, on the hoof!

‘Body Kraft’(13) with a K. ‘Unltd fr3 txts’

‘Xpress Scaffold’ .(15) Signs of a misspelt youth?

‘Forward.  Back.  Back a bit more.  Stop.’(16) Express!(17)

This is modern life.  ‘Metal on the move’(18)