… love zack

by Zach Simons

Summer has flown in (at last) with clouds

unseasonable, weighty. The day’s grey and the night

is even darker. All the while

droughts of laughter, of that ‘one’

we all can think of, can’t we: one who never

lit a sky, maybe, but smiled

with pearly teeth, with giggling squeals

and lit something up in us. Now it feels

like Summer’s brought us clouds (at last) to stifle smiles

and let squeals pass.


To clarify: a sunny stream (bear with this, now)

skipping, tipping musically down-wind,

winding in meadows, through balmy valleys, straight

out of a Lake District post-card. Lush and warm.

Feel this post-card glossy in your fingers, see the stream

in green, in glorious green, so clear (chocolate, incense, ice-cold beer –

all the same idea).

Just take a flowing stream for now, embraced by lilting, whistled breeze

and watch it freeze.


Or – turn this post-card over on its back

to really get the message. Read out loud each longing sound, juicy but void:

the stoneless plums of love. The ‘need you now…’. The ‘don’t know how

life sounds without you’ – well… I’d overlooked the tune.

No matter. Quietly, now, find the final word

(not my name, the word just before – the penultimate word) and now

you see what this is all about;

pick up your pen, unsheathe a sword, watch the word freeze

and scratch it out.