Long Division

by Matthew Dickman

All my clothes are laid
out and all your clothes
are in a pile and I am
in the kitchen making
coffee and you are in bed
with bad dreams and your
mouth and I’m ok with that
if you want to take a bath
and I’m ok if you want to
take it back and all my streets
are held down and all
your corners are locked up
and both of us are smoke
blowing from one mouth
into another while the dude
on stage is saying okay
alright okay you feel me
maybe there is something
important I left behind
in my neighborhood
and maybe his name is Anton
and he’s dead so there’s that
and maybe her name is Andi
with an ‘i’ and a tongue
snapping gum in the park
and she’s got five kids now
so there’s that and I know
we both had to sharpen pencils
and learn long division
in uniforms and hot lunches
had to sit and not talk and now
all the weed in the freezer
is waiting to be loaded
and really wanting mom
and dad to love us which is fine
it really is sawdust and swing-sets
front yards and iced tea but who
said anything about hacking people up?