Live Another Day

by Katherine Spencer-Davies

She is dying,
she can feel it, quick and sudden and far too loud,

she is running – 
run, little girl, run – 
faster, faster, faster,
skeleton soaring, bones come to life.

Her heart is pounding – 
run, little girl, run –
death is chasing you,
death is catching you.

She can’t slow down, never slower –
run, little girl, run –
I am here, I will help you,
just don’t stop moving.

A twig cracks beneath her – 
run, little girl, run –
she is looking behind and death’s
red eyes are gleaming.

She is tired, throat is closing – 
run, little girl, run –
you will be clean, I will wash
my hands in your blood

she is close, closer, quickly –
keep running, little girl, keep running – 

you are here; you have escaped.