Little Sister, Little Brother

by Tara Bergin

Little Brother says to Little Sister:
I’m restless, Sister, I must go away.
Little Sister stays –
A pressure weighs –
And then:
A visit from a wolf – a stray –
Who watches her all day.
All night.
He wants Little Sister to be his wife.
Say yes, he whispers in the night.
But Little Sister won’t.
The wolf takes out a small bright string
And winds it round her like a ring.
Next he finds a heavy rope
And wraps it round her like a cloak.
Then he steals a broken sail
And hangs it from her like a veil.
Say yes he says again to Little Sister.
Little Sister hears a voice –
Her Brother calling:
Is that you Little Sister?
Yes! the Sister cries.
But it’s the wolf in his disguise.
He kisses Little Sister: