Listen Up

by Mary Webster

“Listen up.
No phones, no nothing.
No excuses.

The news says immigrant problems,
We say life problems.
No fiction, only fact.

You may ask where they are from,
And they should reply Earth!
It’s not their dream to flee their homes.

The world is heating, taking a beating,
Flooding, volcanoes, earthquakes, war.
They affect everything, everyone.

Even you. EVERYONE.
You can help, be helped.
But if you don’t help, who will?

‘They will, they will, they will.’
I hear your murmurs!
But you can also say ‘I will, I will, I will’

But I will, because as little as £1
Can save someone’s life, change someone’s life.
Let them live, not only survive.

Now I must be boring you,
But before you go,
Think about others.

Just think.

Then act.”