by Carla Scarano D’Antonio

Today she stopped fasting,
ripped off the old grey track suit and white t-shirt,
gave up her prayers, had a warm bath;
bubbles floated around her shoulders,
tickled her back.

In the dawn,
buzzing of planes in the air,
rattling of guns in the valley. Men.
She stood, drops slid around her waist and hips,
she smeared her thighs and breasts with Baiser Volé body cream
as dense as blood,
her skin sucked it in.

Sprayed jasmine essence on her groin and under her armpits,
tied her long curled hair with a carmine bow
at the back of the neck.
On such a day she might fall in love.

Nude organza tunic with golden hem,
bangles, earrings and anklet.
Hanging from her necklace
a small white gold dagger,
diamonds set on the hilt,
the sharp blade twinkling.