it really do be like that sometimes

by Cia Mangat

I think that the earth knows it really do be like that sometimes
I think I can feel the water stagnating in the shower
it’s hard and it isn’t doing my hair any favours but it’s all good
I think that everyone who follows me knows that
it really do be like that sometimes
guys here’s a picture of a golden retriever
she isn’t even my golden retriever
look at the soft coffee pooling in her eyes
pretty girl! listen I told you it’s all good
my purpose is to take screenshots for the world to comment
it be like that huh on apparently even the girls who live in
areas with better hair/water than mine know that that’s how it be
even when the earth was flat it believed that sometimes
it really do be like that (but then we inflated it
and the beachballs puffed so now it’s all good)
we’re catastrophising about the earth and the bad things
on morning television because we think it be like that but little do we know
in the next segment it’s actually all good listen I think god knew
it would be like that sometimes when he sketched out cows/M&M’s/men
anyone who has engaged with any of these things knows that
it really do I think when they open car windows or crisp packets
these people inhale deeply thinking wow it really do be like that
but then they zip everything back up again
the earth whispers don’t you worry it’s all good