I Talk Lyk Dis

by Chinedum Nwokonkor

Cos I talk lyk dis
I’m a boi from da street
Gat in ma back pocket
my life’s incomplete…

Child support income,
parents separated,

I talk lyk dis…
so i’m not educated…

Cos I talk lyk dis
I’m a criminal…
Deceptive, corrupted

Only i can see
the backs of my generation
on the wall of society,
Completes ma emotion entirely

Oh my dayz!
You’re tryna give me advice?

“Don’t smoke?
Don’t drink an’ drive?
Hit me at 30
and i’ll stay alive?”

U know what?
All i’m sayin is

Let your heart be your heart,
Let your mind be your mind,
An’ let your soul be your soul

But keep it in control!

Geez, u think its
Boy against brotha,
Girl against motha,
Friend against otha,
You’re dead!
‘Nuf said…
And all cos i talk lyk dis….