I Dream

A collaborative poem by Young Poets Network users

I dream that when I’m older I would be able to play really good on the piano.
I dream loud for ultra-reality.
I dream of capturing time in a handful of words.
I dream of a universal written language.
I dream of a library of forbidden books.
I dream of my name on someone’s favourite book and hidden in long-kept birthday cards.
I dream of being immortal.
I dream of getting a good sentence about my spirit.
I dream of waking up, and realising all my life has been a dream.
I dream of keys that match locks halfway across the world.
I dream our world will be safe; a world without any gravity.
I dream of a future where the world is not under siege.
I dream of wild landscapes, endless days and her hand in mine.
I dream of rain unrestricted and sun unowned.
I dream of the glittering prairies of the Atlantic.
I dream of the waves floating my bed, and sometimes I turn around
to dream of the boy who sits in front of me in history class even though I’ve only seen the back of his head.
I dream of transparent heads where beauty is measured by the shade of thoughts.
I dream of boys in comic books with skin in brown and blue.
I dream of mouths, moths – glittering spillages on the night bus.
I dream of tomatoes that gleam like the cheeks of girls.
I dream of her, and hope, and home.
I dream that I can be glamorous, that I can glow.
I dream that the trees never die.
I dream of how the mountains grow.
I dream I can pursue my dreams of dreaming of belonging and being free.
You have two lives, human and dream. It is up to you which one you live in.
A dream is like tendrils of smoke, real in the moment but fading when grasped.
I hope you dream of me in lurid colours.
I dream of what I am: breathing, beating, here.