Humans Through the Eyes of an Earthworm

by Sahana Kalyaan

To us, you humans are just gigantic feet,
Thumping on the ground to no particular beat,
You build so-called “cities” on top of our homes,
And squash us underfoot when you think you are alone,

Even your gentle steps will quake the earth,
And when you are angry, it is so much worse,
Like when we come out to praise the rain,
We’re so terrified of you that you should hang your head in shame,

And what do you think happens when we end up on the road?
We are severed by those “wheels” or as they are called,
There are many who suffer trauma that’s beyond compare,
Would those lives be able to be repaired?

But in that horror, there are the kindly few,
We can’t deny that – it is true,
But do they make up for our disturbed lives?
Or the piercing of our harmony with sharpened knives?

For the lives that are lost with your modern contraptions?
Or for the consequences of your false attractions?
For massacring us with your pesticides,
Or killing the nutrients that keep us alive?

What’s your answer to all of these?
What’s the cause for your ultimate greed?
We may be miniscule, we may be small,
But we have the right to a pleasant life, as do all.