How To Write Me, Your Personal Statement

by Tae Suzumiya

[Intro: why you want to study your chosen subject]
Firstly, stop longing / for the figure at the bus stop
You have been interested in Love since that girl, I know, but stop
& focus on me / for once / don’t linger
Your eyes must be blind / to the flutterings / of winged annoyances /
Angels / she calls them / well size me up instead / then, paring,
Wreck me / hoping
Not to wreck your hopes of wrecking yourself in the principal studies
Of how to wrap your heart in a latent chrysalis.

[Main paragraph: what you’ve gleaned from your studies and supercurriculars]
Line the inside of your mouth with acerbic wit /
You are a telomere away from an angel. From Poems you have learned
To compare yourself and others is a fruitless task / and that flowers /
Mean nothing / unless you can hear their taste in your mouth.
Chase to sharpen / that acute sense / when an argument isn’t logically sound /
Explain you want to study what you lack / because tu vero cruciaris
& so am I, overworked / like qixi nocte /
Be faithful to me. I am your Pokémon / I am envoy to the news that will
Touch your lips / in the cold heat of January / this interview will sell out like
Pigeon songs / like tomorrow will come cawing / in the wake of Orihime
& you / held abridged with treasury tags from tanabata two years ago / maturing
Into a monocarpic debutante / looking for luce stellarum.

[Transferable skills from other subjects]
Ctrl+C as follows: you
Learnt how to trade cheap garlands in Accountability /
Your A Level in Discretion has prepared you for Society; Critical Thinking is evident
In the way you wipe culpa mea from your eyelashes / salt-crusted / like Iphigenia by the beach house altar.
Long to be monocarpic. See / science, that’s terminology / that’s coronary
Infarctions in bubble baths /
Suture through the “dark silence of your forehead” /
Prise open your geocache of ambitions from two minutes ago.
The “white limits of a fable” dizzy with 3am
Hold up the Bacchic pursuit of caffeine.
Lacunae sopor / watch as
Nymph fluid bathes your cells; running on 45% battery /
Everything is going
To be alright.

[Hobbies, part-time and societies]
Your part-time work with Cupid will help you out here. Don’t linger;
List your victims, don’t you dare go listless on me now,
Bulk me out with delicious ambitions. / Bite
Into the apple. I’m
Provoking you / into the hazy days of November.
“Your interest in me started / with this first of 47 lines” /
Let this not be the Outline for my intro / but a truth you reject from conception;
Living / for my completion / like I am your Monster
Squinting at your twin passions / of arts and sciences.

I have always been / hidden in the scuffed pads of your fingers,
Which taste like I am nestled in haemoglobin / I redden / with ethene /
Like you / ripen / at the drop of her hat / scuffed soles, inflamed /
Like tomorrow will come / ready or not / & you will be / & so will I /
Ripe / to wait for the envelope / in the mouth of the blue orchid.