How to Make Love to a Dying Rican

by Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran

1.    Remember he is still living.

2.    Remember you, too, will die.

3.    Try not to rush either.

4.    Kiss his lips full of medicine.
       Rub his back full of knots.

5.    Remember he wants you alive;
       don’t be foolish.

6.    Realize you will both become statistics.

7.    Remember the way his face looked
       in the movie he made. Remember
       it in the one you are now making.

8.    Tell him he can play any role.

9.    Inscribe in memory
       the sound of his voice, feel of
       his hands on your chest, waist,
       hips. The trace of his finger across your
       lips, yours in the recess
       of his ass.

10.  Keep rum and candy
       nearby. They keep the gods happy.

11.  Tell him you will visit
       in the next life, and this island
       will again be filled
       with trees.

12.  In the canoe of our own
       making, we travel upstream.

       Fill the hollow of his hull.

       Husk the corn from his frame.

13.  Cacique dance.

       Bless his limbs with flight