hot blooded. my my my.

by Mary Chen

hot blooded. my my my.

sleepy world

boy are the youngsters out tonight


I’m waiting for my eyelids

to sink in themselves

and my goosebumped skin

to even out

with my butter knife, like frosting.


I’m so ravenous my hands

turn into claws,

sharp and padded shadow casts.


I’m an empty cup waiting for tea,

sugar cubes to be poured in.


I cut a slip in the screen door

to let the flies in

and paw down the night.

Is it not filled with bodies?


Innumerable stars, you are

my only companion,

cold and asking to be slapped.


Do me a favor

and smother me

if not with something like love,

then with a sweet wet towel

or a cute little pillow.