by Ellora Sutton

by Suhrab Sirat, translated by Ellora Sutton

Gaze: the night is bright and light-wounded.
The mirror shatters. My kissing lips are wounded.

I am a calendar, days split and divided by barbed wire.
I am Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, wounded.

My sloppy red heart, heart, heart,
this raging bull is wounded.

I have no footprint. My sky is swaddled with thick
dustsheets. I am a boundless star, wounded.

I am the first faded words in an exercise book.
The school bus is ripped like a fish tin, is wounded.

Among the sleeping sheeplike debris my claws and teeth are blunted.
The great wolf does not howl because she is wounded.

I am my name, my echo, my throat, wounded.
I am my memories, my dreams, my hopes – all, all wounded.