He was easy to get..

by Bertolt Brecht

He was easy to get.
It was possible on the second evening.
I waited till the third (and knew
I was taking a risk).
Then he said, laughing: it’s the bath salts
Not your hair.
But he was easy to get.

For a month I left him straight after making love.
Every third day I stayed away.
I never wrote.
But store up snow in a pot
It gets dirty all the same.
I did more than I could
When it was already over.

I threw out the bitches who were sleeping with him
As though I didn’t mind
I did it laughing and crying.
I turned on the gas
Five minutes before he arrived, I
Borrowed money in his name:
It did no good.

But one night I slept
And one morning I got up
I washed myself from head to toe
Ate and said to myself:
That’s it now.

Truth is:
I slept with him twice more
But by God and my mother
It was nothing.
Like everything else
It passed.