hangul abecedarian

by Esther Kim

after Franny Choi and Jeff Koons’s Gazing Ball Series

get up—as in the world goes on, as in you cannot
not spin until you collapse into the couch next to you.

do you know why you can move in a moving world?
listen. you don’t hear the gentle whir of an axis,

mounted on a deity’s head. rather, the deity is sisyphus; the
blue boulder is earth. mortals and myth. can you

science that? tell me who tells the sun to come.
i don’t. when i used to wish on that north star,

just a wide-eyed believer, i thought i knew why
children knew the most. it’s because they don’t know.

crack them open, and you’ll find string lights for arteries,
taffy for tissue. sisyphus, what if you stopped?

perhaps, that would be it—when the sunlight finally
hits the streets in chords.