Green Tears

by Serena Cooke

The winds whisper
words of warning for the
The Father Tree looks up to the eye of the hurricane
Circling above him
Like vultures
Or mankind

Now climb the thick trunk
Transmitting profit and expenditure statistics to the Queen Ant
Metallic impulses spit in the spiralling wires
Strangling him as they climb
Ever higher
Ever tighter
Fingers of bone and marrow clamped around his oesophagus
Please take the weight off me

Hear the spitter patter supper
Of whispers flying around your head
Clouds of doubt
The vines of society fingering the air as they make their descent
To the rich wealth of the soil and beyond

Scratch and tear and itch and bite
At the working ants, laughing
Laughing at your naivety
I belong here
Twigs break
Branches snap
Trunks fall
Laughter evaporates

I am the forest
And I cry