Green Bananas

by Lucie McKee

Green bananas splayed out in a basket –
not a very elegant basket,
though it has a, more or less, graceful
handle (repaired with duct tape)
arced over a curved base. Still, it could be
a painting, duct tape and all, to show
how life really is, to show that green
bananas will lie down anywhere,
splayed out from a stem, broken
off from a huge bunch, chopped out
of a republic built on green
bananas. As I write, the fruit yellows
in the sour February light, and is entirely
the most beautiful thing I’ve seen
all day: green, with yellow wipes, black
nosed as a stuffed bear. Somewhere
there is sun enough to spring
these bananas to life, though they
were hacked down in their very prime
for me in my sunless, northern
kitchen. What other communion do
I need than with these gold-
turning green bananas, and with all
the hands and feet that laid them
in this basket. Here is our photograph.