by Mario Petrucci

With pollution and GM, future seas may change colour.

Worl alway same me rekon
nuttin much-change Dere alway green
melon-anana Alway yelow-sea

Me granee she live-be twennysix
wit ray hair Me tel me-babee
we not die-soon We like granee –

we live-long An me caree-she
for look-see thru eave – for look
yelow-sea An me tel-she

wen de-Life tek-you you com
yelow like you fall-in yelow-sea An
you stopp Dat all

An me tel-she bout ol-peepol
hoo-liv wen Worl dri Me tel-she
storee bout way ting used-be

wen ol-peepol walk in air an walk
wid weel An way dem ol-peepol talk
in riddl An way dem stepp in someting

dey call Gene Yeh Dem mess-up
reel-bad someting call Gene An dem
rising-now for meet-us in yelow-sea

An me-babee say – Dees storee
all troo? Dem ol-peepol all stopp? All
com-yelow like ye’ow-sea? Butt me

know nuttin mor Cept
dey bildin tall Dey much-like carr
much-like Wor Dem tuch ev-where

dem stepp ev-where Butt
me tel-me-babee – me-tink
dem ol-peepol dem juss-walk

one Gene too-farr