from Vrouz: To meet your soulmate without paying afterwards

by Valérie Rouzeau

To meet your soulmate without paying afterwards
Till Sunday midnight minus one’s impossible.
The midnight chimes ring out your pumpkin rolls
You home with one bare foot exposé to the cold
Of an endless winter’s night. Time’s running out
Its nasty rosary its sands its gallop through the dust
And now it’s free so let’s jump at the chance.
Don’t miss this coach your love awaits
But code and password have both slipped your mind
You sieve-head singleton you dozy loner
Enter svp your pin your prick oh please
The spine that’s in your sole the one you left
To wander bare one minute to in weather
Cold as this. It’s midnight butterfly it’s now or never.

Translated from the French by Susan Wicks.