from Natural History

by A.B. Jackson

Of Elephants

The clemancie of Elephants. How elephants
breed and how they disagree with Dragons.

How they make sport in a kind of Morrish dance.
How in drinking they may swallow down a horsleech

(which worme they begin now to call a blood-sucker).
The elephant who wrote Greeke and read musicke.

The elephant who cast a fancie and was enamoured upon
a wench in Egypt who sold nosegaies and wickerishe.

Their hornes, or properly Teeth, of which men make
images of the gods, fine combes, wanton toies.

Who march alwaies in troupes. Who snuffe and puffe.
Who the troublesome flie haunts.

Who cannot abide a rat or a mouse. Who are purified
by dashing and sprinkling themselves with water.

Who, enfeebled by sicknesse, lie upon their backes,
casting and flinging herbs up toward heaven.

Who adore and salute in their rude manner that planet,
the moone.