by Zara Meadows

Contains strong language

d’y’see your man there, in the –
in the grounds of the city hall,
d’y’hear he used to be a slaver?
kept slaves ‘n’ that, sold thum
as well i think i read.
an’d’y’hear there’s a bunch of themins 
– themins at that owl protest the other
week – want ‘im taken down?

                                           aye i did read that an all
                                           bit of a joke if you ask me
                                           not sayin’ a agree wi slaves 
                                           slavery, a mean a don’t agree wi it
                                           but sure every man an his dog were   
                                           at it in them days, sure what’s the need
                                           goin tearin down our history, our culture
                                           sure it won’t change the fact that it
                                           happened like – and do you know what else –
                                           it’s themins, them same radicals 
                                           want to collapse that wee man in the grounds
                                           of the city hall, that’d be sweet wi it bein’ 
                                           replaced wi a statue of
                                           Stalin, err some shite
                                           an sure didn’ he own slaves an all?