Folklore from 35,000 Feet

by Janet Lancaster

In Greenland
most of which is white in winter,
and crazed with ice blue in summer,
people build towers on floating foundations
and lie on top counting jets flying over.
They like to watch jet farts criss-crossing,
dissipating in the winds.

Greenlanders do not wear green.
They have an aversion to verdure.
For them it must be red or yellow
on a black background, trimmed
with fur from a dying species.

Greenlanders float their towers
from iceberg to crevasse,
fish for their favourite dish
– so silly to wash up in the sea,
but dishwashers waste electricity!

In Greenland that kind of joke
would raise a chuckle…
their sense of humour somewhat
simple, as you’d imagine in a land
where people stare at the sky
all day and have an aversion
to the colour that means GO.