by Amelia Doherty

I will see the lies and sins and burn them,
Kiss the beams of wooden dreams,
Blaze upon the cowering curtains of your very soul.
I climb upon your oak wood foundation,
Burn along your bedsheets.
You can not sleep here.
I will bring about the destruction just like prophecies of olden times
Predicted. I will tear apart the floor on which your daughter learned to walk,
I will employ the wind for my attention,
I leave nothing for recollection but the memories of Thames seas
The hatred in you rises like their levels of surprise,
See them in their big houses, turning back to sleep,
His name is unknown to you, but his house isn’t burning,
They pull down your neighbours, and the world is turning,
The candles on your nightstand have become my knights in armour,
And you’re only stuck with burning,
It’s all that you’ll remember.