Fairy Tale Matches

by Sian Hogan

I am a minor character,
The princess’s best friend.
I get a happy ending, of
A sort. I marry the brother,
Cousin or best friend of her handsome
Prince. She and her lover
Fall in love, while we
Fall into the story, our fates decided
By the fitting neatness of out match.
Maybe I don’t love the
Younger brother, or Grand Vizier’s
Son, despite his endearing goodness
Of heart, clever mind and only
Minor weakness of character. Maybe
I don’t want a husband
To reform from indolent ways, to lend
My stability to.
Maybe he doesn’t love me, in
Spite of all my sterling worth and sound
Good nature. Maybe he wants
Someone with a little less dogged loyalty,
And a bit more adventure.
Maybe we have other qualities than
Those we show and maybe those don’t suit.
For God’s sake, maybe
He wants to be a monk. Maybe
I want to be a stripper, or a dark enchantress.
Maybe I want to go to night clubs,
And drink ‘till I puke. Maybe
We are attracted to each other, but
We want no more than I quick fling.
Maybe we don’t want twelve children, and thus
One hundred and forty-four fairy godmothers.
Maybe I want to be a wandering poet
And he wants to be a sea captain.
I want a chance to fall in love.