by Jennie Feldman

Listen, you are and you aren’t.
Yes, to make the action believable
moment by moment; otherwise, no.
Today: expectation – part joy
part disbelief. Don’t overdo it. The feeling
barely surfaces, but we see it.
Don’t blink. There should be
infinity in your gaze.


The weather, Plato, whatever
it takes to look like friends
having coffee. And no big gestures –
you hardly figure till the sobbing
makes you turn, brings you in.
Then puzzled, embarrassed; but
pain too, recognition. Indirectly you
heighten the drama.



So you’re leaning to look
back a last time. Not sad or happy,
more uncertain. That’s it – ongoing
uncertainty. Compose your face
with dark and light, the final shot.
It’s what stays. Like those
Russian horses in the rain by the river.
If words help, keep them to yourself.