by Sarah James

Pikathingy’s winning! My son’s hunched shoulders
unclench a smile as he looks up from his game
to high-five his brother. Then back down again.
Pikawotsit’s an electric creature. This much
I’ve gleaned, I think. I’ve asked –
but Pikadespeak’s faster than light-speed.
Least, it is to a Pikaignoramus. They fight, right?
– Yeah, but it’s just fun, Mum, a contest,
like karate. None of them get hurt.
I try to engage with his Pokémon
as an interactive epic or modern fable.
But where’s the moral to relate to?
I start to talk about Aesop’s ‘Wolf and the Kid’.
Huh, Mum? He glances up, then back.
I give up the goat, turn to the ‘Tortoise and Hare’.
He doesn’t even grunt. Clearly, I’m slow at evolving.
But I’ve learned from the Tortoise and Pikadeafness.
I unleash my voice’s Raichu thunder.