by Marina McCready

just outside the city so
we’re slaves to the district line
but it’s okay because
everything we want is right
here, in my ends.
the night bus to take us
to fantastic parties where
the boys are pinging and
the girls are taking blurry pics
and rumour has it that Dan
is on the pull. he broke up
with Amber last month because
she wanted to focus on her
art portfolio for her
foundation year. he’s a catch,
head-to-toe Stussy, won
many a beer pong
tournament. he’s caught the
attention of Emily who has
been rolling the same blem
for about ten minutes.
she dropped her baccy on the
table and her hand brushed
Dan’s as they both reached
to pick it up and he smiled,
face lit in the strobe lighting
like the sun. she thinks it
could be love.

just outside the city so
you can see the stars,
but not too brightly
here, in my ends.