Drug Puppy

by Maria Achieng Onyango

Amanita muscaria



The base sliiiding through my v-v-veins, who cares when you’re riding high

c-c-ceeeee me, I’ve got chicken fever growing like shiny crystal in my eyes

Bite the dust, bite the dot that’s the essence of the big fat white shot

Fantasy in flaaaash vision sparkling gold dust onto my curling lashes

Green gravel makes my eyes weep- hawk, sharp eyes and sharper needles

Icccce hissing through my blooooodstream. Piercing. Gold studs so p-p-pretty


It’s a krank caller I hear. A lady killer so they say

Liquid-acid-gold, baby, let’s take some liberties with life

Release the love doves though we know it’s only lust

Just a lightning flash in the proverbial p-p-pan

Facing the northern lights, and me without my make-up on

Liquidising my insides to a sickly sour paste

Rainbow coloured rocks discoing in my g-g-guuuut


A short back and sides please

And a shag for the skunk

Dancing wildly in a drift of snow

Pass the soap, I’m getting clean

Manic laughter, tranquillise me

Tripping through the tulips

and snagging on the weeds


Zero tolerance

Zero Charlie

Zero state of mind