Diamond Love

by Ankita Sexton

The wind here blows strongly,

The sky here is grey.

I walk outside, in the bitter cold,

While people walk away.


Through the winter,

I wait for you.

Through the winter,

I still love you.


The dust falls like snowflakes,

The sky falls like sleet.

I close my eyes and draw my dreams,

In a storm I fall asleep.


In every nightmare

I wait for you.

In every good dream

I still love you.


You used to read my palm lines,

And say I’d live for long,

Every girl got roses,

But you wrote me a song


I’ll sing to you now,

I wait for you

I lived for you then,

And I still love you.


Your smile felt like the coastline,

Your heart felt like the sea,

So many sharks inside it now,

Is there still room for me?


Through the nighttime,

Do you think of me?

Deep inside you,

Do you still love me?




The day when you told me,

You were bound to someone else-

You dropped me in the gutter,

Like a worthless copper pence,


I’m made of diamond,

I don’t need you,

But I’m made of diamond,

So I still love you.




The wind here blows strongly,

The sky here is grey.

I walk along an empty road,

I watched you walk away.


Maybe one day,

I’ll find my smile,

But I’ll always love you,

First Valentine.