Desi New Year

by Graham Norman

She’s cookin’ tonight – cookin’ for the family,
been to the market – oye chak de phatte!
Makin’ sarson ka saag – we’re celebratin’ Lohri,
I’m celebratin’ her – she celebratin’ me.
Hit you’ daggah, babe – bom, bom, tap my tilli.
Balle balle! She got ginger – she’s a chillie chillie.
In’t no harvest time in Leicester City
it’s freezing cold man fo’ any Punjabi.
But my missus, – she’s hot, hot, hot,
stirring the spinach in the lovin’ pot.
Plenty for everyone – pass the makki di roti!
Bruah! Tickle my tongue widda garlic chutney.
Sarson ka saag, sarson ka saag. Hoi, hoi!
Big happiness comin’ to the Indian boy!